Sell-Side Advisory

The Future of Your Business

What does the future hold for your business or firm? The principals of EQ Capital would like to help you come up with a viable answer for that question.

In this fast-paced world, we are bombarded with an overabundance of information each and every day. Public policies and regulations shift quickly, indelibly having an effect on your operations. Gone are the days of individuals working for a single company for their entire career. Employee “free agency” is upon us, especially with the millennial generation.

Our goal is to help you figure out what opportunities there are to continue to grow your business in the current environment. Are there other great, organizationally-sound competitors in your space that you envy? Are there operational changes that can be made to sales and marketing in order to drive revenue? Are there opportunities to appropriately cut costs? Together, we can construct a business strategy with your firm’s future in mind.

A large part of planning for your business is knowing your business risks and your risk tolerance and addressing those together. Your business may represent all or a significant portion of you and your family’s net worth – you need to know what you can do to take some of those risks off the table, while at the same time providing some liquidity, but also poise your organization for growth.

When it’s time to sell or recapitalize your business or firm, it’s important to assemble the right team of professionals in order to provide the maximum risk-adjusted return. EQ Capital brings a deep understanding of the market, and strategic forethought and expertise so that you can achieve a quality professional outcome. Our success is measured by only one metric: you achieving your desired outcome – both financially and with the deeper understanding that you have done the best thing for all of your stakeholders, including your family members, your employees, your customers and your legacy.

The Process


From the outset, EQ Capital will provide dynamic and ongoing valuation insight for your business. We will define and outline the number of options that are available with respect to the valuation and ultimate sale of your business. EQ Capital works to ensure you understand the entire sale process so that you’re in the best position to make a fully-informed decision about your alternatives and the path to achieve a successful transaction.


EQ Capital begins the process by putting itself in the shoes of a host of possible buyers. We look at several things: what makes your business or firm unique, what your competitive barriers to entry may be and what a forecast for the future reasonably looks like. By asking these questions, among many others, EQ Capital will best be able to present your business or firm to the marketplace, and be able to achieve or exceed your end-state goals.


An outright sale of your business to a financial buyer through brokering is one alternative, though such a sale is not likely to maximize return proceeds. More typically, a sale to a financial buyer will come in the form of a recapitalization event, providing you and your management team an influx of capital to help you achieve your growth dreams. This type of recapitalization event is best-suited for those owners that have built equity value in their franchise but are having difficulty generating enough cash to take advantage of growth opportunities – organic or via acquisition – in the marketplace. A recapitalization event can help owners create current liquidity and allow them to participate in future growth through continued equity ownership. After three to five years, there is sometimes a second sale process when the existing financial partner exits the business.

Depending on the circumstances, a more conventional sale event involves the sale of your business or firm to a strategic buyer. A sale to a strategic buyer represents a full exit for the ownership group, creating full and immediate liquidity for the ownership group, with no ability to participate in the future growth of the business. However, a sale to a strategic buyer allows business owners to redeploy capital to other available investment alternatives, including retirement.

Diligence, Execution and Closing

EQ Capital knows the marketplace of alternatives available to you because we’ve spent time understanding the details of your company. Once those alternatives are identified, EQ Capital has the resources available to help you navigate the diligence and closing process. This process includes negotiations around non-disclosure agreements, setting up a data room and continues through the negotiations of letters of intent and definitive purchase agreements, all the way to closing.

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The principals of EQ Capital Strategies can help you appraise the risks of growing your business through our process, which involves educated decision-making to help lead you to the most prosperous choice for your firm. We have experience in sell-side advisory for businesses in Texas and the Southwest, and we’d like to use our skills to help you. Call us to learn more or contact us via the button below.